Memorial Websites

Virtual Memorial

Sagarian specialises in creating Memorial Websites for your dearly departed loved one. A lasting tribute to that loved one, somewhere to visit long after the funeral has finished, long after the programs have been discard. A place where those who were not able to attend the ceremony can still make their presence felt.

Personalised Address

The website domain will be their own special space on the internet where your loved one can be remembered by friends and family, near and far. If your loved one was named Fred Thompson, we will set up or similar. It will not be a generic offshoot of

Stress-free Process

Sagarian works with you and your chosen funeral home to ensure that there is consistency between your program choices and your Memorial Website. We collaborate to ensure you do not have to repeat your choices or wishes to us. We want to ensure during this emotional period there is as little stress on you from our involvement.